Pen-Burn™ Pel-Bed™ Aqua-Pel™

The Northumbrian Pellet Company are providers of a range of straw pellet products and biomass fuels .

We are based at Chathill Farm in Northumberland with extensive agricultural and livestock experience. We believe in a sustainable environmentally focused approach to business and we have combined this with innovative product improvements in areas that we have experience in.

The Northumbrian Pellet Company have 3 distinct products:

Pel-Burn - we produce sustainable and carbon neutral biomass fuels by processing agricultural materials such as straw into pellets for use in biomass boilers. We supply both domestic and commercial users.

Pel-Bed - for horse and animal bedding we produce some of the most absorbent pellet bedding available providing significantly more absorbency than alternatives.

Aqua-Pel - for keeping and maintaining clear pond water we produce a slow release straw pellet to combat pond algae and blanket weed.

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